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Core Mediation Divorce Specialists

Core Mediation is the Divorce Specialist

The last thing you need when going through a divorce is a $20,000+ legal bill. Keep your money and keep your dignity through divorce mediation with Core Mediation, the divorce specialists.

Divorce specialists Divorce made simple


While we are sorry for the circumstances that have brought you to Core Mediation, we are glad that you have found us.

In divorce mediation, you and your spouse work things out cooperatively rather than engaging in an expensive and stressful legal contest.

We walk you through every step of the divorce process.

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Your privacy will be maintained because your divorce will not be conducted in open court.

We will handle the court contact and can conclude your divorce without appearing in court.

If you have children, they will remain in a safe space because we can design a parenting plan that works for your family.

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No frustrating court delays & no pressure to meet court-imposed deadlines.



A friendly, calm and cooperative environment to reach agreement and move on with your lives.


Costs far less

Lawyers charge upwards of $10,000 just to get started. Mediation will save you tens of thousands of dollars.

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