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Core Mediation Divorce Specialists

Core Mediation is the Divorce Specialist

The last thing you need when going through a divorce is a $20,000+ legal bill. Keep your money and keep your dignity through divorce mediation with Core Mediation, the divorce specialists.

Divorce Mediation - How To Get Started

While we are truly sorry for the circumstances that have brought you to Core Mediation, we are glad that you have found us. We walk you through every step of the divorce mediation process. Here is how to get started.

Step One

Call us at (805) 544-6334 to schedule an initial consultation.

In this initial consultation we will answer your questions regarding the divorce mediation process and discuss next steps towards your first mediation session. This initial consultation is free of charge.

Step Two

Both parties agree to mediation and set an appointment for the first mediation session.

Step Three

Prior to the first mediation appointment, both parties are to read and review the Fee Schedule and sign and return the Divorce Mediation Agreement

Provide us with your payment information.


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